Discover Pythagoreio & Samos

Sandalis hotel is located in the historical village Pythagoreio right across the archaeological museum. The name of the settlement was formerly known as Tigani since 1955, when it was renamed to honor the locally born mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras, the statue of whom dominates the harbor depicting its famous theorem. It is built on the ancient city of Samos, on the southeastern side of the island.

Pythagoreio is a main tourist destination, where plenty of yachts, sailing and fishing boats moor in the picturesque harbor. Enjoy your walks in the picturesque alleys of the village and feel the warmth of the local hospitality. Just a few steps down from our main entrance you will find a lot of café-bars, restaurants, gift shops and mini markets popping up in small squares and narrow streets.

Near the hotel you will find the most remarkable sights of Samos island, such as the archaeological museum, the castle of Lykourgos Logothetis, the tunnel of Eupalinos and  the monastery of Panagia Spiliani. You can also visit Heraion, a very important archaeological site, with sanctuaries dedicated to the ancient goddess Hera, about 7km away in the west of Pythagoreio. In addition, the organization of various festivals (theater, music etc.), mainly in summer period, as well as international conferences and lectures (philosophy, sciences, arts, new technologies, archeology etc.) are a magnet for thousands of visitors.

The hotel is just 2km away from Samos airport, 500m from Pythagoreio port, 1,5km from marina of Pythagoreio and in a 300m walking distance from the beach. Both taxi and bus stations are also 100m away. Vathy town, the capital of Samos island, along with the main port are 12km away, while Karlovasi port is 35km away.

A few words about Samos island

If you are interested in exploring nature and history, the island of Samos is the ideal choice for your holidays. It belongs to the North East Aegean Islands complex, located at a very close distance to the Turkish shore. Samos is the birthplace of the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, after whom the Pythagorean theorem is named, the philosopher Epicurus and the astronomer Aristarchus of Samos, the first known individual to propose that the Earth revolves around the sun. According to the ancient Greek mythology, goddess Hera was also born in Samos.

Discover picturesque and traditional villages, green and exotic landscapes with abundant vegetation, stunning beaches with turquoise crystal clear waters as well as sensational ancient sites and monuments. Taste the islands’ local delicacies and the famous local Muscat wine produced in Samos since the ancient times. Samos is an island that also offers a wide variety of outdoor activities. Due to its numerous walking paths, it is an ideal destination for those who love hiking in mountains. Lush forests with high trees and special fauna are just some of the exciting natural features to enjoy. Along the way you will also discover the island’s indigenous plants and animals.

During the summer period, there are frequent direct charter flights to Samos International Airport “Aristarchos” from European and worldwide destinations either through Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” or through Thessaloniki International Airport “Macedonia”. Samos has also three ports, the main port of Vathy town, the port of Karlovasi and the port of Pythagorion. So you can reach the island through private yacht/sailboat or passenger ships with frequent daily routes from the port of Piraeus in Athens. There is also ferry connection with Dodecanese, Thessaloniki, as well as with the nearby ports of Turkey, Kusadasi and Bodrum.